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Supplements for Teachers: Raven Speak

--Curriculum Connection

Vikings, Viking mythology, social structure

--Discussion Questions

Jorgen (the skald), Asa, and Asa's father all think they know what is best for the clan. If you were a clan member, whom would you want as a leader? Why?

When you listen to a respected leader or politician give a speech, how do you know whether or not to believe them?

Is Wenda an ordinary human or does she really have god-like powers? Provide examples from the story to prove your point.

At the end of the book Wenda asks Asa if she "made a good trade." Did she?

Have you ever made a personal sacrifice for the good of your family or community? Describe that sacrifice. Was it worth it?

--Hands-On Projects

Brew your own tea from a ginger root, a cinnamon stick, or a rosemary sprig

Make a pair of Viking shoes (see Technology in the Time of the Vikings below)

Carve an amulet from soap or craft one from clay

--Engaging References

Eyewitness Books: Viking (Susan M. Margess) Striking photographs and illustrations.

Craftsmen, Traders, And Fearsome Raiders: The Real Vikings (Melvin Berger and Gilda Berger) A colorful publication by the National Geographic Society.

Technology in the Time of the Vikings (Hicks) A good source of information on everyday life for the Vikings, as well as pages of craft ideas to replicate some of their items.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Aron Ralston) Fascinating first-person account of a young man who, after a climbing accident, had to amputate his own arm then hike out of the wilderness in order to survive.
Incredibly rich website. Anything you could possibly want to know about the Viking culture can be found here.
Official website of the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, England, which sits upon an ongoing archaeological dig. The website offers downloadable information and activity sheets.